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Northeast Pacific sea nettles

Jellyfish: The Next Kings of the Sea

As the world's oceans are degraded, will they be dominated by jellyfish?
By Abigail Tucker

Shai Agassi

Charging Ahead With a New Electric Car

An entrepreneur hits the road with a new approach for an all-electric car that overcomes its biggest shortcoming
By Joshua Hammer

Richard Branson

Richard Branson on Space Travel

The billionaire entertainment mogul talks about the future of transportation and clean energy
By Megan Gambino

Rising Seas Endanger Wetland Wildlife

For scientists in a remote corner of coastal North Carolina, ignoring global warming is not an option
By Abigail Tucker

Meet the New Species

From old-world primates to patch-nosed salamanders, new creatures are being discovered every day
By Richard Conniff

The Rise of Urban Farming

Grow fruits and vegetables in city towers? Advocates give a green thumbs up
By T. A. Frail