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Listening to Bacteria

By studying microbial communications, Bonnie Bassler has come up with new ways to treat disease
By Natalie Angier

Peak Energy

Asked to imagine life in 2050, the artist Guy Billout, author of the mind-bending book Something's Not Quite RIght, wonders why the quest for alternative energy has overlooked the volcano
By Guy Billout

Melinda French Gates on Saving Lives

The co-chair of the world's largest philanthropy talks about what can be done to improve global health and poverty
By Terence Monmaney

Organs Made to Order

It won't be long before surgeons routinely install replacement body parts created in the laboratory
By Gretchen Vogel

What is Next in Space?

Probes and landers sent into the final frontier will bring us closer to answering cosmic mysteries
By Mark Strauss

Saving the World From Asteroids

Astronomers are determined to protect human beings from inanimate outer space invaders
By Robert Irion

Melvin Konner on the Evolution of Childhood

The anthropologist and physician talks about how our understanding of child development will change
By Terence Monmaney