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President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama: Why I'm Optimistic

Looking ahead to the next 40 years, President Obama writes about our nature as Americans to dream big and solve problems
By Barack Obama

population growth in the US

The Changing Demographics of America

The United States population will expand by 100 million over the next 40 years. Is this a reason to worry?
By Joel Kotkin

Los Jetsons

Experts predict the U.S. population will become increasingly diverse, with the greatest gains among Latinos. The Chicano cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, creator of the syndicated "La Cucaracha" comic strip and illustrator of the book Latino USA, reinterprets a now-classic vision of mid-21st-century life
By Lalo Alcaraz

George Friedman on World War III

The geopolitical scientist predicts which nations will be fighting for world power in 2050
By Terence Monmaney

Poll: Americans Predict Life in 2050

A joint poll from the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine finds high hopes about science but anxiety about the environment
By T. A. Frail

Rosamond Naylor on Feeding the World

The economist discusses the stresses that climate change and a greater world population will have on our food supply
By Amanda Bensen

The Age of Peace

Maturing populations may mean a less violent future for many societies torn by internal conflict
By Carolyn O'Hara