Nancy Knowlton

By the Numbers: A Marine Advisory

Scientists say the outlook for the world's oceans is bleak—unless we stop overfishing and reduce air and water pollution

Key West

Our Imperiled Oceans: Seeing Is Believing

Photographs and other historical records testify to the former abundance of the sea

Phoenix Islands Protected Area

Our Imperiled Oceans: Victory at Sea

The world's largest protected area, established this year in the remote Pacific, points the way to restoring marine ecosystems

Black Current

Borne on a Black Current

For thousands of years, the Pacific Ocean's strong currents have swept shipwrecked Japanese sailors onto American shores

August 30, 2010
A Jellyfish Summer

August 16, 2010
Hurricanes and the Color of the Oceans

July 8, 2010
Oceans of Plastic

June 8, 2010
Ocean Currents are Highways for Crocodiles

May 19, 2010
Plenty of Warming in the Ocean's Upper Layer

December 7, 2009
Underwater Antarctica

August 31, 2010
Getting Sustainable Seafood Lessons at the "Real Cost Cafe"

June 30, 2010
Eat Fish, Save Our Ocean? Lionfish as Sustainable Seafood

January 22, 2010
Salmon Farming Can Be Sustainable

January 19, 2010
The Oyster's Ouster From Our World


Coral Reef

Wonders of the Deep

The National Museum of Natural History's Sant Ocean Hall illuminates the creatures and mysteries of the great blue sea

Nancy Knowlton

Nancy Knowlton

The renowned coral reef biologist leads Smithsonian's effort to foster a greater public understanding of the world's oceans


Underwater Discovery

William Chadwick, Jr. and a team from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration witness the first recorded underwater volcano eruption

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