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A hometown is more than just geography. Whether you choose where to live or it chooses you, every place has a story to tell. What makes your city, suburb or small town special? Share a favorite memory or anecdote about your kind of town and read what others have to say about their favorite places.

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"Historic Rt.66 runs right though Odell IL, 'A Small Town with a big Heart.'"
Ralph and Joyce Weidensee from Odell, Ill.
"Likely, British Columbia It is not a fast river. In fact, in places it seems to stop and take a good look at its awesome surroundings."
Robert H. Busch from Likely, British Columbia, Canada
"One custom you learn quickly in Lindsborg is to wave to everyone, whether you know them or not."
Diane Godwin from Lindsborg, Kan.

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Kaleva, Mich.

Deanna Draze
Founded by Finnish settlers this Northwest Michigan village offers the quality of life that is vanishing all too rapidly in today's society. Life is slower, savored more fully, lived close to nature.
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